Decorative Door Facings

We offer a full range of decorative facings and finishes for our custom door sets. These include:

A picture of an Ahmarra door with a wood veneer

Wood Veneers

Veneers offer sustainability, durability, and a natural aesthetic.Ahmarra source veneers from a selection of carefully chosen veneer specialists. This offers our customers complete design freedom to choose any wood veneer that is commercially available. For ideas on veneer design and colours, please see our veneer selector.

     Stained Veneers

We offer a wide selection of stained real wood veneers and we are constantly developing and updating new stains to reflect the latest interior designs.  


A picture of an Ahmarra door with a lacquer painted finish

Lacquer Painted

A hard wearing pigmented lacquer finish is applied using modern spray equipment. A large range of colours are avilable to suit any design scheme.

A picture of a laminated door from Ahmarra


A high-pressure laminate is bonded to the core. Laminates are chosen for their durability, ease of maintenance and wide range of colours and finishes. Metal and PVC faced facings are also available. Our team of experienced door designers are happy to offer you expert advice and samples if required on any of our door facings. For ideas on laminate colours, please see our laminate selector.

A picture of an Ahmarra door with a ready primed eco-veneer venee

    Ready Primed Eco-Veneer

The specially formulated eco-friendly paper veneer is applied to door blanks in the same way as a veneered layon. The pre-primed paper has been designed as a time saving initiative for paint grade door sets and is ideal for under-skinning and concealing any lippings ensuring a smoother finish.