Doorsets for office use

Posted by on 29th June 2015

Doorsets for office use Doorsets for office use Doorsets for office use

In busy office environments, doorsets are the natural choice. Commercial doorsets are always designed with heavy traffic in mind so they need to be high performance, durable and aesthetically pleasing. In an office where your clients come to visit, a visual impression is just as important for your business as well as the functionality off the product itself. Many doorsets can offer similar visual styles but have a wide variety of different purposes.

Doorsets for commercial use should be chosen depending on their functional requirement and the frequency of use. The fire and acoustic properties of a door will be a consideration in an office space. Different door types will be used for different areas of a building such as the offices, washrooms, cubicles, warehousing needs or for circulation purposes. Laminate doors are favoured in many commercial applications as they are characteristically known for being exceptionally hard-wearing, heavy-duty doors.

They are pre-machined framed with hinges and strike plates, ready to assemble and hang. Lock cases are pre-fitted and factory glazing is fitted to meet all appropriate regulations. All doors will also have fire safety specifications that will have to be adhered too.

Doors should therefore co-ordinate and fit with the design criteria of the building. Whether it is an elegant office suite or a functional IT server room, doors are an important architectural element in making a building functional, safe and environmentally pleasing.

Ahmarra doors and frames are often supplied as factory pre-hung doorsets, which are the ideal solution for simple on-site door installation. The many benefits demonstrated by the use of factory-hung doorsets are becoming widely recognised, as more and more specifiers and contractors are advocating their use. Major savings in time and money can be achieved by specifying and using Ahmarra pre-hung doorsets.