Fire doors for new build schools

Posted by on 17th February 2016

Fire doors for new build schools Fire doors for new build schools Fire doors for new build schools

Fire doors in educational establishments such as schools, colleges and universities need to be built to high specifications. Ahmarra's doorsets include the frame and ironmongery as part of any bespoke package, this ensures that they are compliant with fire and safety regulations, building standards and are simple to install, meaning less issues on site.

Legislation and building regulations surrounding fire doors for schools are complicated. They need to consider effective access within the building as well as relevant glazing options to take into account the light and vision levels required. In accordance with building regulations many of the fire doorsets will need to self-closing. When pairs of doors are used for fire resisting purposes, the door closing device should be able to close the door leaf from any angle to which it has been opened and overcome the resistance of a latch or any seals when fitted.

Safety is also an important element of the doors fixtures and fittings, finger protection options should be considered. Doors that have safe hinges are a perfect solution for a school or nursery as they will help to prevent little fingers from becoming trapped.

There are many doorset options available for this sector. Disability access is also key as well as hygiene, acoustics and security. The Education Funding Agency state that "Building work at all schools must comply with building regulations enforced by local building control bodies". In existing buildings schools are required to undertake a risk assessment to identify all fire precautions needed to safe guard everyone in the building.

Ahmarra offers a range of doorsets which are specific to the education sector. We are able to offer advice on complex design issues as well as access, fire and acoustic performance requirements.