Fire Doors and Risk Assessment

Posted by on 16th March 2016

Fire door safety standards were not created until as late as 1951, and as a result many older buildings may have fire doors in place that are no longer within regulations or able to offer the required fire rating.

Fire doors are now manufactured to meet the requirements of both British standards and Building Regulations in order to guarantee maximum performance in the event of fire. Older timber fire doors sadly don’t offer the same level of performance and protection and often the danger is not recognised until there is a fire.

With this in mind, buildings that have older timber fire doors in place may need to review their fire door risk assessment, to determine if it is time to replace their fire doors to ensure that they meet current regulations.

There are several factors to consider when selecting the appropriate fire door to help reduce risk as well as achieving the functionality of the door include selecting doors that are easy to operate, the fact that a door must be both accessible and able to withstand high levels of traffic, and the idea that, with proper maintenance, a fire door should last for the life of a building.

Ahmarra fire rated doors are rated as severe duty and certified to achieve the required fire rating so you can rest assured that you are selecting a quality, fit-for-purpose product.