The Importance of Fire Door Maintenance

Posted by on 10th March 2016

The majority of our fire doors are manufactured for buildings requiring a “severe duty” rating for their doorsets, due mainly to the heavy footfall/traffic using the doors such as schools, airports and hotels.

Fortunately our doors achieve a “severe duty” rating and we offer full product certification for both strength and required fire certification. However we have found that the main problems that can occur with fire doors are often a result of either incorrect installation or due to abuse after prolonged us. Therefore is it important that contractors firstly ensure that the doors/doorsets are correctly installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions and also ensure that the building has a maintenance program in place to ensure that fire doors are checked regularly.

Regular traffic means that a door may need simple maintenance tasks performed to ensure that it continues to operate at optimal levels.

Of course, this is not to say that fire doors in luxury homes, apartment complexes, or any other situation do not need maintenance just because the level of traffic may be slightly lower. All fire doors should be examined on a regular basis in accordance with the ASDMA maintenance guidelines.

Properly maintained fire doors will not only last longer but save lives, so proper maintenance is vital.

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