Developing Door & Doorset Standards


Experts in the design and development of client-specific, fire-resistant doorsets.


We specialise in working with clients who recognise the importance of developing doorset standards throughout their facilities. Significant client cost savings can be made by eliminating the need to redefine doorsets and ironmongery for each new project.

We offer intelligent advice on how to make this process cost effective, simplifying what can be a very complex issue.

Our expertise in developing doorset standards for airports has been extended to similar specifications such as rail stations, schools, hospitals, offices and commercial properties and we are currently working with a number of clients to develop their standard door ranges.

Our customers include British Airports Authority, Gatwick Airport Limited, British Telecom, Marks & Spencer and Network Rail, who we have worked for in conjunction with 8 out of the top 10 leading UK construction companies.


Once we have developed a standard door range for a client, a technical brochure will be created which details the doorset range, with hundreds of variations to suit the client’s individual requirements.

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Two looks in one design

Latest Project

Two looks in one design

Ahmarra Installations are currently producing bespoke doors, for Kingsway Hill Hotel, that have two looks in one stylish design. The internal side has a distinctive Tabu Bolivar grey stain, while the external side has a rich dark walnut veneer. As well as having aesthetic appeal, these doors have an acoustic rating of 32RwdB - perfect for a restful night’s stay.