Education – Growth mindset

I can learn anything I want to

When I’m frustrated, I persevere

I want to challenge myself

When I fail, I learn

Tell me I try hard

If you succeed, I’m inspired

My effort and attitude determine everything

Willmott Dixon, Marginal Gains

Ahmarra has recently completed a project – Hoe Valley School – with Main contractors Willmott Dixon, who have adopted the growth mindset development we are seeing in the education sector.

What is the Growth Mindset?

The growth mindset is a tool that has been utilised primarily in schools and businesses, it aims to get individuals to develop their talents through hard work, input from others and good strategies. People who achieve this mindset often accomplish more than those with the fixed mindset (individuals who believe in natural born talent over developing skill sets). Growth mindsets tend to worry less about appearing intelligent and expend their energy by learning and increasing their skill set. When schools and companies embrace a growth mindset, students and employees report feeling far more empowered and committed; they also receive far greater organisational support for collaboration and innovation.

With these new methods in mind, Ahmarra has looked carefully at the working environment of a school, tailoring our education range to best fit those trying to learn. We offer a wide range of bright and neutral laminates and veneers, something to suit any project regardless of its needs (i.e. doors that are subtler to reduce sensory overload). Ahmarra has specifically chosen a palette of colours which are recognised for helping induce creative learning and energy (yellow) or provide pupils with a sense of calm(Blues/Greens).

Using Formica laminates, Ahmarra can offer colourful doorset’s which are Chemically Resistant, Impact resistant, Hygienic and Durable.

Author; Georgie Tapper, Product development Manager at Ahmarra Door Solutions
BSc Product Design and Innovation

Education – Growth mindset