Interior design is headed to the dark side this year, especially as autumn/winter 2018 approaches. Rich earthy woods will feature everywhere from doors and panelling to ottomans, side tables and statement furniture. These powerful pieces will transform any room into a dramatic scene, accompanying these dark, oaky stains with flashes of brass ironmongery or detailing will lift the room to new levels.

The darker tones within the woods signify the resurgence in a more retro glamour, elegantly altering it into a new take on modern luxe. These key pieces will be reformed by their accessories and would be perfect for doorset’s throughout the house, giving a classic, elegant sense to all who pass through them.

Ahmarra has a wide range of stunning stains which provide the dark glamour many covet, with our more popular finishes being Woodrow Oak and Ebony ash, two extremely different, but regal finishes.

We are always working on expanding our stain collection, with the more recent addition of Espresso, an intensely rich dark brown stain with hidden black tones, it perfectly complements the elegant Artisan doorset’s.

Stained Artisan projects:

Woodrow oak stained doors in a mansion in Surrey

Ebony Ash doorset’s – The Pentagon

For more information on our finishes and the Artisan Panel door collection please download our brochures here, or contact us on;

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Author: Georgie Tapper

May 4th, 2018

Georgie is our resident Product Development Manager, she has a background in product and graphic design. She writes about current trends in the interior, and product design markets.

“A door is more than just a household necessity, it tells a story. They provide a personal gateway to a new space.” 


Head to the “Dark Side” with glamorous dark woods