Panel doors – Ahmarra’s modern take on an elegant classic

When renovating, or building a new project, picking the right door type for the build can be difficult. Classifying the period and style of your home or project is extremely important before selecting integral architecture and products. Your doors are no exception.

Ahmarra’s Artisan panel doors are the perfect balance of classic and modern luxury, fitting seamlessly into historic renovations, and high-end luxury apartments. These doors are versatile in their finish, with classic dark stains and wood veneers giving them that regal Victorian feel, however, when sprayed with a blue fully finished paint, they’re instantly given a trendier more modern feel, acting as more than a doorway, but pieces of art within the frame of the wall.

Our artisan doors come with a variety of panel arrangements and glazing options, allowing for a classic, or a contemporary feel, as you would prefer. These options extend even further, offering modern simplex mouldings, traditional profiles and the more ornate, eastern-inspired pieces, each option gives the door a dramatically different look, making each bespoke design truly original.

Our severe-duty panel doors are available with either an FD30 or FD60 fire rating, allowing for up to an hours’ worth of fire and smoke protection.

For more information on our finishes and the ‘Artisan Panel Door Collection’ please download our brochures here, or contact us on;

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Author: Georgie Tapper

June 13th, 2018

Georgie is our resident Product Development manager, she has a background in product and graphic design. She writes about current trends in the interior, and product design markets.

“A door is more than just a household necessity, it tells a story. They provide a personal gateway to a new space.” 

Panel doors – Ahmarra’s modern take on an elegant classic