1 Door Cores
2 Door Frames and Side Screens
3 Architraves
4 Vision Panels
5 Ironmongery
6 Decorative Door Facings
7 Finishes

1 Door Cores

We will select the most appropriate core for your project, taking into consideration budget and performance requirements.

Door CoresSeverecore™

Solid 3 layer particle board, achieving severe duty under the classification standard BS EN 12400:2002. The core’s density and surface finish mean there is no need for perimeter framing or the addition of plywood or MDF faces. Available in FD30, FD60 and FD90.

Click here to download the Severecore datasheet.



Traditional laminated softwood or hardwood core with MDF facings for internal use or plywood for external applications.

Click here to download the Timbercore datasheet.



Specialist acoustic door cores up to 43 RwdB.

Click here to download the Soundcore datasheet.

2 Door Frames and Side Screens

Door with vision panel and side screenWe offer a range of standard door frames, side screens and doors with vision panels. We are also able to manufacture bespoke designs ensuring these meet the test criteria.

We offer a range of materials include engineered softwood, engineered hardwood, softwood, hardwood and MDF and finishes include primed, painted or lacquered.

The benefits of using Engineered Softwood and Engineered Hardwood are:

  • Overall cost saving
  • Natural timber defects eliminated
  • Consistant material appearance
  • Long term product stability

3 Architraves

Architraves can be supplied in either softwood, matching hardwoods, veneered MDF or factory-primed MDF. These are available in standard and non-standard profiles. They are normally supplied pre-mitred and left long in lengths to be cut on site. Architraves are available in any dimension to suit all door frame designs and can be bespoke-manufactured to exact requirements and patterns, as required.

4 Vision Panels

The majority of our doorsets are available with standard glazed vision panels. Alternatively, we can accommodate bespoke designs if required. Where vision panels have been specified, we will offer advice on selecting the correct type of glass to maintain fire and acoustic performance.

5 Ironmongery

Ahmarra offers a complete ironmongery service to compliment your choice of doorset and we will advise you on the most suitable options and components.

In order to meet your specific design requirements, we work with a select number of ironmongery specialists to create a schedule for each project.

A Range of Ironmongery for Pre-hung Doorsets

We have also recognised the need to offer a standard range of door furniture. This is particularly useful for pre-hung doorsets and this enables us to offer factory fitting as standard, which ensures a perfect fit and avoids the risk of damage on-site.

6 Decorative Door Facings

We offer a full range of decorative facings and finishes for our custom doorsets. These include:

Wood VeneersWood Veneer Doors

Veneers offer sustainability, durability, and a natural aesthetic. Ahmarra source veneers from a selection of carefully chosen veneer specialists. This offers our customers complete design freedom to choose any wood veneer that is commercially available. Read more information on veneers here.

Stained Veneer DoorsStained Veneers

We offer a wide selection of stained real wood veneers and we are constantly developing and updating new stains to reflect the latest interior designs.

Lacquered Painted DoorLacquer Painted

A hard wearing pigmented lacquer finish is applied using modern spray equipment. A large range of colours are available to suit any design scheme.

Laminate DoorLaminate

A high-pressure laminate is bonded to the core. Laminates are chosen for their durability, ease of maintenance and wide range of colours and finishes. Metal and PVC faced facings are also available. Our team of experienced door designers are happy to offer you expert advice and samples if required on any of our door facings.

Ready-primed Eco-veneer DoorReady Primed Eco-Veneer

The specially formulated eco-friendly paper veneer is applied to door blanks in the same way as a veneered layon. The pre-primed paper has been designed as a time saving initiative for paint grade door sets and is ideal for under-skinning and concealing any lippings ensuring a smoother finish.



For further information. please refer to our Facings and Finishes brochure

7 Finishes

Lacquer Painted

A hard wearing pigmented lacquer finish is applied using modern spray equipment.

Clear Lacquer

A hard, clear, protective coating is available in a range of finishes from matt through to high gloss.

Tinted Lacquers

A transparent colour is added to clear lacquer, to provide a subtle, tinted effect to custom door sets.


Stains are applied prior to coating with the final finish, to highlight the grain characteristics of the veneer and where appropriate match or complement furniture and flooring. We work closely with our lacquer supplier to achieve the best possible match.

French Polish

Traditional French polishing is a technique that results in a very high gloss surface and is offered either prior to delivery, or on site if required.

Factory Painted

A hard-wearing pigmented lacquer finish is applied using modern spray equipment. Any RAL colour can be selected at varying gloss levels.

Primed for On-site Painting

A white primer finish is applied, using modern spray equipment.


Infection control is important for all environments, whether it be a hospital door, care home door, school doors or hotel doors. Hygienilac is added to the wood lacquer and is the first wood lacquer available in the UK that kills most species of bacteria, including the deadly MRSA, salmonella and E.coli. It also carries on killing them for the lifetime of the lacquer – as long as 10 years.

Hygienilac works by preventing the bacteria’s access to nutrients, so growth is inhibited and they will starve and die. It has a kill rate of 99.9 per cent over a 24-hour period and remains effective for years because of its inherently low water solubility.

All of our door finishes are available with infection control.

For further information. please refer to our Facings and Finishes brochure