Understanding Ahmarra airport doorsets

Ahmarra Door Installations Ltd currently offers 311 variations of airport standard doorsets. We have invested heavily in both the engineered construction of our doorsets and in our electronic technical download brochure detailing all 311 standard doorsets.

The ADIL datasheet explains the format of our technical brochure, the definition of standard and non-standard doorsets, offers frame and structural opening details as well as information on miscellaneous airport items such as panic and escape doorsets.

Standard doorsets available for six airport environments:

  • Airport Facility Timber Doorset Data Sheets (DWF or PDF)
  • Front of House (FoH) Heavy Duty Doorsets (DWF or PDF)
  • Front of House (FoH) Retail Heavy Duty Doorsets (DWF or PDF)
  • Back of House (BoH) Heavy Duty Doorsets (DWF or PDF)
  • Office Doorsets (DWF or PDF)
  • Sanitary Accommodation Doorset (DWF or PDF)
  • Service & Plantroom Doorsets (FoH & BoH) (DWF and PDF)
  • Architectural Door Schedule

If you require access to the above technical information, please complete the form below or contact us on 02392 389 076 to discuss your specific requirements.

Airport Technical Information

Registration here is intended for airport framework contractors ONLY. In order for us to keep you up-to-date with the latest drawings we ask you to register. We only do this so we can email you with updated and revised products. Under no circumstances do we share this information.