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Bespoke herringbone doors for stylish new seafront hotel in Southend

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Type of works: Bespoke hotel doors

Ahmarra has tailor-made doorsets for ‘Seven Hotel’, a new luxury boutique hotel on Southend seafront.

Fire doors supplied and installed at Fareham Innovation Centre

Valium Online Sverige

Contractor: Morgan Sindall
Type of works: Supply and install of fire doors and glazed screens

Main contractor, Morgan Sindall has successfully handed over the new £7m extension to Fareham Innovation Centre at Daedalus which features Ahmarra’s timber fire doors throughout. Ahmarra’s manufactured over 100 bespoke laminate-faced fire doors to the customers’ specific requirements including specialist acoustic doors. All doors were supplied and installed under the Q-Mark Fire Door Manufacturer and […]

Artisan Panel doors for luxury apartments

Order Valium Online India

Contractor: CC Construction
Type of works: Bespoke panel doors

Ahmarra have supplied bespoke panel doors for a number of striking high-end residential properties including these stunning 'blue grass' bespoke panel doors for Arts House

Joinery installation for the Apex City of Bath Hotel

Buy Zepose Valium

Contractor: Tolent Construction
Type of works: Joinery sub-contract

Ahmarra Installations has recently completed a joinery sub-contract for Tolent Construction for the new four-star Apex City of Bath Hotel.

Installation of Atrium Façade for Anchorage House

Buy Valium Cheap Online Uk

Contractor: Galliford Try
Type of works: Atrium joinery installation

Ahmarra Installations have completed Anchorage House, a striking new office project in London’s East India Dock for Galliford Try Construction. The project has transformed an outdated and tired office block into a modern working space.

Ebony Ash panel doors for ‘The Pentagon’

Buy Diazepam Uk Next Day Delivery

Type of works: Bespoke Ebony Ash doors

Ahmarra have supplied bespoke panel doors for ‘The Pentagon’, a new development of luxury apartments in Hadley Wood in Hertfordshire by leading luxury property developer, YOGO Group.

Manhattan Loft Gardens Apartments, London for Bouygues

Where Can You Buy Valium Over The Counter

Contractor: Bouyges
Type of works: Supply and install SBD and internal fire rated doorsets

Ahmarra Installations have secured the contract to supply and install doorsets to the apartments and the corridors with a contract value of £1.5 million. Located near Stratford International station, the 42-story Manhattan Loft Gardens is situated alongside one of London’s largest and newest transport interchanges.

77 Shaftesbury Avenue, London

Brand Valium Online

Contractor: Tolent Construction
Type of works: Lead joinery and finishing sub-contractor for commercial offices

Specialist fit-out sub-contractor, Ahmarra Installations have recently completed work for Tolent Construction on the extensive commercial development of a seven story office building on Shaftesbury Avenue in London’s West End to a Category A quality office fit out. Ahmarra’s fit out involved the reception area including installing wall panelling, a bespoke timber and metal reception desk […]

Luxury panel doors fit for a mansion in Surrey

Buy Valium Walgreens

Type of works: Supply of bespoke Artisan Panel Doors

Photos by Jonathan Little Photography Ahmarra supply bespoke panel doors for a stunning £25 million Surrey mansion. Woodrow is set in four acres of landscaped gardens and woodland in prime Surrey countryside, and leading luxury property developer, Hencan chose tailor made panel doors from Ahmarra’s Artisan range for this magnificent property. ‘We worked very closely […]

Alphabeta office building, London

Buy Valium Laos

Contractor: Galliford Try plc
Type of works: Bespoke Reception Fit out 

Photography Hufton + Crow Ahmarra Installations have completed a fit-out sub-contract for the reception area of the Alphabeta office building in Central London. Main contractors, Galliford Try plc won the contract for the 48 million refurbishment and selected Ahmarra as specialist fit-out sub-contractor of the reception area, having completed a number of successful projects together […]

Joinery fit-out for The AELTC at Wimbledon Tennis Club

Valium Buying

Contractor: Galliford Try
Type of works: Joinery fit-out sub-contract

Ahmarra Installations have completed a joinery fit-out sub-contract for the world famous tennis club. A series of orders were secured with the AELTC in which Ahmarra’s skilled joiners worked to tight deadlines to deliver the scheme in time for this year’s Championships, whilst ensuring the promised high quality levels of finish and design. Ahmarra Installations […]

St Augustine Academy, Maidstone

Buy Valium Europe

Contractor: Willmott Dixon
Type of works: Supply internal doorsets and screens

We have completed a £100,000 contract to manufacture fire doorsets and glazed screens for St Augustine Academy in Maidstone, Kent for main contractor, Willmott Dixon. A range of high performance, FSC timber doorsets and glazed screens were selected for the new school.

Emirates Lounge, Heathrow

Where To Buy Valium In London

Type of works: Supply and install internal doorsets

Ahmarra Door Installations supply doorsets for the new Emirates Lounge at Heathrow Ahmarra has recently completed an order to supply and install veneered timber fire doorsets, worth £68,000. Emirates have installed a new business lounge for customers, which has been finished to a very high specification and features Ahmarra’s American Black Walnut fire rated doorsets.

Artisan bespoke panel doors for Westbourn in Surrey

Buy Valium Cheap Online

We have supplied bespoke panel doors for ‘Westbourn’, a newly-built luxury mansion in the Surrey countryside by leading luxury property developer, Hencan. Ahmarra worked closely with the developer, Hencan to select Blenheim 2-panel doors in an Ebony Ash stain from our Artisan Panel Door Collection. This bespoke range of panel doors includes stunning designs from […]

Solent University

Buy Valium Dublin

Contractor: Balfour Beatty
Type of works: Supply internal doorsets and screens

Ahmarra supplies internal doorsets and screens for Solent University Southampton based, Solent University have selected Ahmarra’s range of high performance, FSC timber doorsets and screens for the renovation of the university’s Media Hub. The doors offered a severe duty rating, which is particularly suited to areas of heavy footfall such as schools and universities. Formica […]

Fiveways School, Yeovil

Order Valium Online Uk

Contractor: C G Fry & Son
Type of works: Supply Education Range timber fire doorsets

Ahmarra have recently supplied doorsets from their Education Range for Fiveways School in Yeovil, Somerset. The school has undergone a refurbishment which also includes an extension to the school hall, a new wide reception entrance and the creation of two small group teaching spaces, new offices and admin area. Ahmarra worked closely with the architects […]

Country Mansion, Wentworth Estate

Buy Mano-Diazepam

Type of works: Bespoke Artisan Panel Doors

Ahmarra supplies Artisan luxury panel doors for Octagon Developments Ahmarra’s range of high performance timber doors were selected for a luxury property situated on the world famous Wentworth Estate, in Virginia Water, Surrey. This magnificent country mansion is set in over two acres of beautifully landscaped south facing grounds. This stunning home features 7 bedroom suites, 6 […]

Berewood Primary School, Waterlooville

Is Buying Valium Online Illegal Australia

Contractor: Balfour Beatty
Type of works: Supply internal doorsets, screens and fan lights

Ahmarra has supplied internal fire doors and screens from its Education Range for a new primary school in Waterlooville, Hampshire. Berewood Primary School is sponsored by the University of Chichester Academy Trust and is at the centre of a 3,000-home development to the west of the town. The single-storey school features 14 classrooms, four group […]

El AL Lounge, Heathrow Terminal 4

Buy Diazepam Online Review

Contractor: Balfour Beatty
Type of works: Supply and install internal doorsets

Contractor: Balfour Beatty Type of works: Supply and install internal doorsets Ahmarra Door Installations supply doorsets for the new EL AL King David lounge at Heathrow Ahmarra have recently completed an order to supply and install veneer and laminate faced timber fire doorsets, worth £120,000, for Balfour Beatty. The Israeli airline ‘El AL’ has relocated […]

COMO Metropolitan London

Cheap Valium Online

Contractor: COMO Metropolitan London/Forme UK
Type of works: Supply and installation of doorsets to bedrooms, bathrooms, suites and corridors.

Ahmarra has completed a fit-out sub-contract for the bedroom and corridor doors for this stunning 5-star hotel which overlooks Hyde Park. The 5 star COMO Metropolitan London combines sophisticated design and a vibrant prime position on Park Lane.

InterContinental London – The O2

Buy Diazepam Safely

Type of works: Supply and installation of doorsets

Ahmarra supplied and fitted over 300 severe duty timber fire doors in an FSC cherry veneer for the new 5-star hotel situated on Greenwich Peninsula.

Apex Temple Court Hotel

Buy 100 Diazepam

Contractor: Tolent Construction
Type of works: Installation of doorsets and architectural joinery

Ahmarra Installations contract worth £2.5 million pounds was awarded by Tolent Construction. It consisted of supplying and fitting numerous elements including doors for bedrooms and suites, luxury vanity units, bedheads, wardrobes and solid wood flooring in all bedrooms.

Assam Place Student Accommodation

Valium Online Usa

Contractor: Mace
Type of works: Supply internal and apartment entrance doorsets

Ahmarra supplies over 1,000 fire doors for London’s “finest student accommodation”. Assam Place, a former brewery and whisky warehouse on Commercial Road in East London, has been transformed into a luxury high-specification development comprising 346 luxury student accommodation units and over 37,500 square feet of commercial and retail space and has been heralded as London’s […]

Royal College of General Practitioners

Buy Valium Diazepam

Contractor: Structure Tone Ltd
Type of works: Supply and installation of fire rated doorsets, panelling and joinery for Grade II listed building

30 Euston Square is the new headquarters of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP), and London’s newest conference and events destination. This prestigious £22m refurbishment offered Ahmarra a rare opportunity to work on a Grade 2 listed building. Ahmarra Installations contract, through the main contractor Structure Tone Limited, was worth over £730.000. Richard Panrucker, […]

Limerston Street, Chelsea

Online Valium

Contractor: Eastleaf Ltd
Type of works: Joinery Fit OUt

Ahmarra completes joinery fit out for luxury Chelsea housing development Ahmarra’s contract for Limerston Street, a luxury property development in Chelsea, London was worth over £175,000. Working closely with the property developer, Eastleaf, the fit-out contract consisted of supplying and fitting numerous elements including internal and external doorsets, skirting, frames and staircase handrails. Particular attention […]

Wimbledon Hill Park

Buy Diazepam Cheap Online Uk

Type of works: Bespoke Artisan Panelled Doors

Ahmarra has supplied bespoke panel doors from the Artisan Range to a multi-million pound, luxury housing development in the highly sought-after London suburb of Wimbledon. Wimbledon Hill Park is an exciting high-specification development by award winning residential house builder, Berkeley Homes. A total of 94 homes in 25 acres of landscaped grounds will transform the […]

The Lodge at Kingswood Golf Club

Buying Valium Online Australia

Timber fire doors have been tailor-made for The Lodge at Kingswood Golf Course and Country Club in Surrey. The stained, ebony ash veneered doors featured a bespoke curved steel inlay design, which complements the luxurious interior of the lodge and golf club.

ME London Hotel

Order Valium Uk

Type of works: Installation of doorsets, lacquered panels and architectural joinery

Ahmarra Installations completes a supply and fit contract for the new ME London Hotel, designed by Foster + Partners Leading Spanish hotel and resort operator Sol Melia has opened its fifth ME Hotel. This £45 million project opened in December 2012 and occupies a landmark site in London’s West End. Ahmarra’s contract, through the main […]

Worthing Hospital

Order Valium Overnight

Contractor: Balfour Beatty
Type of works: Supply severe duty laminated fire doors

  Ahmarra supplied 200 high performance fire doors for the new breast cancer screening centre and emergency floor at Worthing Hospital, which forms part of a major £18 million redevelopment. The doors were faced in Formica laminate in a selection of vibrant colours to aid the hospitals patient-focused wayfinding system. As both safety and noise […]

Lime Tree Primary School, Surbiton

Purchasing Valium Online

Contractor: Willmott Dixon
Type of works: Supply internal fire doors

Ahmarra has supplied internal doorsets for the new Lime Tree Primary School in Surbiton. The school forms part of Willmott Dixon’s £14.1 million contract to deliver a primary school and health centre on the site of the former Surbiton Hospital. Ahmarra’s range of high performance, FSC timber doorsets were selected for these projects. Incorporating BM […]

Battersea Power Station Marketing Suite, London

Valium Online Uk

Contractor: Donban Contracting UK Limited
Type of works: Joinery fit-out sub-contract

Copyright – Richard Southall Luxury joinery fit-out for the Marketing Suite at Battersea Power Station The magnificent, Grade II listed Battersea Power Station forms the centre-piece of an £8 billion redevelopment and a new marketing suite has now been installed on the roof of the iconic building for the Phase 2 sales launch. Ahmarra Installations are […]

Luxury Townhouse, Chelsea

Buy Valium Pills Online

Ahmarra’s bespoke panel doors were selected for a period property situated in Glebe Place, one of London’s most sought after streets in the heart of the Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea. “We worked closely with both the owner and architect to ensure that the doors were a perfect complement to the exclusive interior of […]

Private House, Ascot

Diazepam Buy Now

Ahmarra Door Solutions range of high performance timber doors were selected for this luxury house in Ascot built by local developer, Beechrowe. The stunning brand new detached property is for sale for 3.4 million pounds and offers accommodation of 8000 sq ft set over 3 floors with a games room and gym. Features include a triple […]

Severe duty metal plated doorsets for Heathrow Airport

Buy Valium 5Mg Online Uk

Contractor: Vinci
Type of works: Severe duty metal plated doorsets

Our team of experienced Q-Mark fire door installers are currently working on a £50,000 contract at London Heathrow’s Terminal 5 for Vinci Construction. The order includes specialist doors to be installed in areas of high security. As well as FD60 fire ratings and 41 RwdB acoustic ratings, these doors feature self-locking security ironmongery from Surelock […]

Nadler Soho Hotel

Buy Brand Valium Online

Contractor: Blenheim House Construction
Type of works: Supply bedroom and corridor doorsets

Ahmarra have recently supplied veneered doorsets for the new Nadler Soho hotel, part of a £10 million conversion project carried out by Blenheim House Construction. 240 bedroom and corridor doors were supplied in FSC American White Oak stained to give a Wenge veneer effect. “Our high performance doorsets were a perfect solution for The Nadler, […]

Midhurst Rother College and Shoreham Academy

Valium Online India

Contractor: Balfour Beatty
Type of works: Supply internal doorsets and screens

Ahmarra Door Solutions have recently completed orders for two state-of-the art senior schools, Midhurst Rother College and Shoreham Academy. These schools were built by Balfour Beatty as part of their £120 million contract to build schools for West Sussex County Council. Ahmarra Door Solutions range of high performance, FSC timber doorsets and FSC glazed screens were […]

Panel doors for luxury family home in Richmond

Buy Rectal Diazepam

Panel doors for luxury family home in Richmond Ahmarra’s bespoke panel doors were selected for a period property situated in Sheen Gate Garden in Richmond for James Taylor Construction. Our client selected Chatsworth4A classic panel doors with a white painted finish from Ahmarra’s Artisan Panel Door range.

Secured by Design/PAS 24 Apartment entrance doorsets for Parliament House

Generic Valium Online Uk

Type of works: Secured by Design/PAS 24 Apartment entrance doorsets

We have supplied apartment entrance doorsets for the architecturally striking 23 storey Parliament House on the Albert Embankment in London which had a Secured by Design (SBD)/PAS 24 enhanced security requirement.

DoubleTree by Hilton London Greenwich

Order Valium Online

Contractor: Rees Mellish Ltd
Type of works: Supply of doorsets to bedrooms, corridors and main entrance

Ahmarra supply ‘arresting’ doorsets to luxury hotel in former police section house. A former 1930’s police section house in Greenwich has been converted into a luxury boutique hotel. Maurice Drummond House was originally built in the 1930s as accommodation for officers from the Metropolitan Police and is now the DoubleTree by Hilton London Greenwich The […]

Grange Tower Bridge Hotel

Cheap Valium Online Uk

Type of works: Supply bedroom, corridor and entrance doorsets

The 5-star Grange Tower Bridge Hotel redefines luxury accommodation within the famous Tower Bridge district. The hotel incorporates renewable solar and photovoltaic panels, and has an on-site borehole to reduce water consumption – making it one of the most energy-efficient hotels to open in London. With stunning views over London, the hotel incorporates 370 contemporary […]

Princess Square

Can You Buy Valium Over The Counter In Australia

Ahmarra supplies doors for the “Best Residential Redevelopment” in the world Working closely with fit-out specialist ATS Interiors, Ahmarra’s high quality veneered doors were selected for each of the properties in a variety of different veneers and finishes including American black walnut, stained oak and maple to complement the modern design of this elegant and […]

Gatwick Airport, South Terminal, ID Centre

Valium Order Online Australia

Contractor: HESL
Type of works: Supply and install internal doorsets and ironmongery

Ahmarra’s range of severe duty, fire-rated timber doorsets were selected for the ID Centre at Gatwick Airport. Due to the location of the doors and the architects specific requirements, the push and pull faces of every doorset were finished differently, to suit corridor, lobby and room surroundings and we worked with both the architect and […]

Eat and Drink at the University of Reading

Buy Cheap Diazepam Valium Msj

Contractor: Morgan Sindall
Type of works: Supply internal doorsets

Working with main contractor, Morgan Sindall, Ahmarra’s severe duty fire doors were part of the renovations for a revamped bar and eatery on the University of Reading campus.

The London Guildhall

Where Can I Buy Cheap Valium Online

Contractor: John Mowlem and Company plc/Carillion
Type of works: Supply and install architectural grade doorsets, restoration works to existing doors, panelling and marquetry architrave

Situated in the heart of the City of London, Guildhall has been the City powerhouse since the twelfth century, and is associated with both Sir Christopher Wren and Sir Horace Jones. Today, 800 years on, the medieval landmark acts as a grand setting for glittering banquets in honour of visiting Heads of State and other […]

Marks and Spencer Stores

Buy Diazepam Reviews

Ahmarra’s range of high performance timber doors feature in a number of Marks and Spencer stores throughout the UK. This includes the M&S flagship store in Norwich city centre, which is the second largest store in the UK. Working closely with fit-out specialist ATS Interiors, Ahmarra’s heavy duty commercial timber doorsets were selected in a […]

Gatwick Airport, North Terminal, Pier 5

Order Valium Online Europe

Contractor: Carillion
Type of works: Supply and install internal doorsets 

We secured an order to supply 155 severe-duty, FSC fire-rated timber doorsets and 31 severe-duty, fire-rated metal doorsets for Pier 5 at Gatwick North Terminal, through main contractor Carillion Construction Ltd. We worked closely with Carillion to ensure that the production, delivery and doorset installation were phased in accordance with the construction program. Offering certified […]

InterContinental Hotel, Park Lane

Buy Diazepam Australia

Contractor: JohnSisk Type of works: Supply and install doorsets, wardrobes and architectural joinery Ahmarra supplied and fitted in excess of 900 high quality timber door sets and bespoke joinery as part of a major refurbishment at the prestigious Hotel Inter-Continental. This landmark 5-star hotel is prominently located on Hyde Park Corner. The £3 million contract […]

British Telecom Exchanges

Buy Cheap Bulk Diazepam

British Telecom have recently completed a program of renovation for a number of their regional exchanges and Ahmarra’s range of high performance timber doors were specified for these projects which included the famous London landmark, BT Tower. Ahmarra worked closely with the main contractors, Mitie Property Services Ltd and VINCI Construction UK to develop a […]

Apex London Wall Hotel

Buy Diazepam Online From India

Contractor: Tolent Construction
Type of works: Doorsets and architectural joinery

The Apex London Wall Hotel is a deluxe four-star property with 89 spacious bedrooms and suites, located in the heart of the city. Ahmarra Installations won the £1.4 million design & build contract for the supply and installation of guestroom, corridor and reception area doorsets and joinery, having successfully completed previous projects for Apex Hotels. […]

Grange St Paul’s Hotel

Buy Diazepam Uk 10Mg

Type of works: Supply bedroom, bathroom, wardrobe and corridor doorsets

The Grange St. Paul’s Hotel offers spectacular views of St. Paul’s cathedral. Its 433 bedrooms and suites provide the ultimate in understated elegance and luxury, whilst a spectacular glass Atrium holds a selection of restaurants and bars. Ahmarra were selected to supply veneered doors to the bedrooms, bathrooms, wardrobes and corridors. This also included joinery […]

Apex City of London Hotel

Online Valium Prescriptions

Contractor: Wallis Construction for initial build and Balfour Beatty for the extension
Type of works: Doorsets and architectural joinery

Located on the doorstep of Tower Bridge, this award winning, luxury hotel was an immediate success when it opened in 2005 and due to this Apex Hotels secured the adjacent property to build a £6 million, 49 bedroom extension to the hotel in 2009. After successfully completing the original hotel, Ahmarra were selected to install […]

The Home Office

Buy Diazepam 2Mg

Contractor: Bouygues
Type of works: Supply and fit 2,500 internal doorsets including ironmongery, glazed timber screens and skirting

The Home Office is the lead government department for immigration and passports, drugs policy, crime, counter-terrorism and police and a new offices were built in Marsham Street to house The Home Office’s 3,500 staff in 2005. Ahmarra were proud to be part of the fit out team for this landmark new development. Designed by Terry […]

The Royal Albert Hall

Buy Diazepam Topix

Contractor: Taylor Woodrow and Coffey Construction
Type of works: Supply and installation of fire rated doorsets, terraced panelling and flooring, and other joinery including bar counters and ticket counters

Opened in 1871, the Royal Albert Hall was built to fulfil the vision of Prince Albert (Queen Victoria’s consort) of a ‘Central Hall’ that would be used to promote the Arts. Between 1996 and 2004, Ahmarra was part of the refurbishment team responsible for remodelling this prestigious Grade I listed building. This was part of […]