Our experience in door manufacturing means that we are able to adapt, create and suggest door styles suitable for your project.

We specialise in manufacturing fire rated flush and panelled doors and associated products which meet the requirements of architects, interior designers and clients in the modern arena of prestige construction projects.

The majority of our work is for large scale, new build construction projects for schools, airports, hotels, luxury homes and commercial properties for main contractors such as Balfour Beatty, Morgan Sindall and Willmott Dixon.

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Ahmarra offer a range of standard and bespoke doors, allowing flexibility in design while retaining comprehensive fire certification in accordance with Building Regulations. Our ability to manufacture doors using veneers, laminate or tailor made finishes presents designers with a wide range of possibilities.

As well as offering a tailor made product to meet our clients existing specification, we have used our expertise to develop product ranges which aim to further simplify the specification process.


The benefits of pre-hung doorsets from Ahmarra

Pre-hung DoorsetAhmarra doors and frames are often supplied as factory pre-hung doorsets, which are the ideal solution for simple on-site door installation. The many benefits demonstrated by the use of factory-hung doorsets are becoming widely recognised, as more and more specifiers and contractors are advocating their use. Major savings in time and money can be achieved by specifying and using Ahmarra pre-hung doorsets.

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  • All doorsets can be tailored to suit each bespoke project.
  • No site adjustments are necessary as tolerances and clearance gaps are preset in the factory
  • Materials are supplied from a single source
  • Doors can be supplied with lift-off hinges, which allows for easy removal of the door for safe storage
  • The risk of damage is reduced as doorsets can be fitted at a later stage in the contract
  • The moisture content of both door and frame is controlled, reducing the risk of differential shrinkage
  • Costly site labour is reduced
  • The risk of performance being compromised, by inexperienced site labour, is greatly reduced

Our door installation experience gives us a full understanding of doorsets. We can offer intelligent, informed advice on how to make this process cost-effective, simplifying what can be a very complex issue.

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