Pantone Colour of the year 2018 – Ultra violet

Since the announcement of the Pantone colour of 2018, both the product and interior design industries have seen a major increase in the popularity of muted purple tones. A great way to incorporate these into your home to create a colourful, yet, calming atmosphere is through laminates, when paired with an exposed beach lipped door, the Formica® Heather (F0233) laminate would give a soft colourful finish to any internal doorset, this arrangement would be perfect for doors in both the living room and kitchen, as well as kitchen panelling.

For a more dramatic feel, homing in on the more glamorous dark trend, you could opt for statement pieces, such as desktops or cabinets to be covered in a Formica® Cassis (F6903). Its rich, theatrical tones would pair well with rooms which feature a muted cream, brown and beige palette, perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and home offices.

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Author: Georgie Tapper

Georgie is our resident Product Development manager, she has a background in product and graphic design. She writes about current trends in the interior, and product design markets.

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Pantone Colour of the year 2018 – Ultra violet