Earlier this year the Metropolitan Police informed government that a composite fire door installed at Grenfell Tower designed to resist fire for up to 30 minutes failed after approximately 15 minutes when tested by the police. The Housing Secretary has reviewed this and has now updated Parliament on the fire door investigation and confirms experts advise the risk to public safety remains low:


With the Grenfell Inquiry opening this week, Ahmarra will be closely monitoring the progress and will publish updates as issued to keep our clients informed. Our trade organization, ASDMA will also be issuing updates and Best Practice Guidance.

Fire safety will always be of paramount importance to Ahmarra, which is why our fire door assemblies are third party accredited under the Q-Mark Fire Door Manufacturers Scheme and fully tested in UKAS certified laboratories.

For further information regarding our fire doors, please visit www.ahmarra.com

The following safety advice has been issued to residents?

  • The National Fire Chiefs Council has advised that the risk to public safety is low.
  • In the event of a fire people should follow existing fire procedures for the building.
  • Residents should also test their smoke alarms regularly to ensure they work and ensure that their flat front door is fitted with a working self-closing device.
  • All doors provide essential protection in a fire if they are properly closed.
  • Fire safety advice for residents is available at: www.nationalfirechiefs.org.uk/High–Rise-Safety-for-Residents

Or contact www.ASDMA.com for additional industry support.

Update on Grenfell fire doors investigation – risk to public safety remains low