Veneers offer sustainability, durability, and unlimited creative possibilities.

Ahmarra source veneers from a selection of carefully chosen veneer specialists. This offers our customers complete design freedom to choose any wood veneer that is commercially available. For ideas on veneer design and colours, please see our veneer selector.

The way in which individual sheets of veneers are cut and assembled will substantially affect the appearance of the end product.

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Real wood veneer is sliced in several ways to create different features in the grain. The two principle methods of cutting real wood veneer are:

Crown Cut (flat slice)
The half log is mounted with the heart side flat against the machine table and the slicing is carried out parallel to the line through the centre of the log. This produces a crown or heart feature. This is sometimes known as cathedral crown (as in cathedral windows).

Quarter Cut (straight grain)
The quarter log is mounted on the machine table so that the growth rings of the log strike the knife at approximate right angles, producing a vertical lined effect usually known as straight grain.

A wide selection of alternative production methods are also available.

Wood Veneer Matching

A number of methods of wood veneer matching can be used to produce different effects:

Wood Veneer Doors - Book matchedBook Matched
The wood veneer sheets are turned over as in the pages of a book which brings two leaves of similar feature together in a mirror image.

Wood Veneer Doors - slip matchedSlip Matched
The veneer sheets are laid next to each across the face of the door. This method is best suited to straight grain veneers and light colour woods resulting in a planked effect.

Wood Veneer Doors - random matchedRandom Matching
Sheets are selected at random and laid in varying widths. A wide selection of alternative methods of matching are available.

Free advice and sample service

Please Where Can I Buy Real Valium Online who will be happy to offer expert advice and veneer samples or Valium Online Sverige to confirm your choice.

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